Bingo online – full guide

Online bingo is a game that doesn’t differ much from playing in its natural, land-based form, when players mark the results of a draw on their cards.

The rules are identical, the excitement in the online game also reaches its peak, and the winnings are many times very high. As an internet bingo player you don’t have to shout the key word BINGO, because everything is done automatically.

What are the characteristics of this one of the most popular games of chance?

Here is our guide to online bingo.


Pros and cons of playing Bingo over the internet


  • A comfortable and simple online game available in many variations,
  • the possibility to play for smaller and larger stakes,
  • the chance to win big,
  • Automatic marking of numbers on cards,
  • The possibility to chat with other players (social aspect),
  • Online bingo with additional games (casino games, slots),
  • possibility to use strategies


  • the random factor is the most important,
  • fast and addictive gameplay.

How to play online Bingo to win

First of all, Bingo is a game based on luck. Of course, there are strategies to increase your chances of winning, but you’ll find them later in this guide.

The first thing you have to do to start winning at Bingo online is to open a casino account and deposit funds. At least if you want to play for real money and not on demo accounts for fun, which is also possible.

Online bingo is not much different from traditional bingo

Just like in the land-based form, the game involves marking numbers on playing cards. The problem is greater when there are several cards. Then you have to be alert and have quick reflexes.

Alternatively, which is recommended when there are more playing cards, you can help yourself with the auto-douber feature. This is the automatic ticking off of the numbers drawn on your game tickets.

Bingo on the internet is much faster than the classic game. However, the rules for determining the winner are identical. The first player to form a line or a complete pattern of circled squares wins.

In the most popular form the game is won when you mark five drawn numbers in a row. This applies to diagonal, horizontal or vertical lines. Then you have a BINGO, and the software will automatically detect your win and add funds to your player account. Simple, isn’t it?

Tips for playing Bingo over the internet

Playing Bingo over the internet has a lot of randomness, so you need to play wisely and carefully. It is important that you as a player remain calm. Also make use of some of the following tips:

  • choose the right application for your overall budget – play with only a small portion of your playing capital,
  • test and learn about game variants – take a look at different game variants at the operator of your choice,
  • use your welcome bonus – if possible use your welcome bonus and promotions,
    play jackpot Bingo – play jackpot Bingo to win even more.

What do I need to consider when choosing an operator for an online Bingo game?

The operators that offer online Bingo games have different policies. Besides bonuses and promotions, they sometimes offer special draws that allow you to win more even with smaller stakes.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a closer look at the different game variants and additional offers available with a particular operator before you start playing. What always matters is the platform, its readability and the number of rooms to play in.

When choosing a provider, make sure they offer online Bingo in different versions and forms. Also check out the platforms and opportunities to play Bingo not only through the browser, but also the mobile platform.

Playing online bingo in steps

Bingo is really easy to play and even a newbie can handle the online Bingo platform.

First of all, you have to decide if you want to play Bingo for real money or if you want to learn the game and have fun with a Bingo demo.

If you want to win in an online Bingo game, follow the instructions below:

  •  Choose an operator to play Bingo online and open an account (we recommend Unibet casino).
  • Go to the Bingo lobby and choose a game (you can use the search filter).
  • Choose a Bingo room, buy cards and mark the numbers you draw (you can use the auto-select feature).

What is online Bingo: the rules of Bingo

Online Bingo differs from the traditional game in its speed and simplicity, allowing you to play from the comfort of your own home. For the traditional and most popular varieties, the rules of Bingo are similar, although online platforms, seeing the rapid growth of interest in online Bingo, are modifying the varieties of Bingo.

They are offering more and more options to the players. The changes, if any, are only in the form of the gameplay and the awarding of winnings.

The beginning is always the same. As a player, you have to log in to the online Bingo platform, choose a player room, buy playing cards and join other participants. During the game you can chat with them or even make the game more enjoyable by playing slots or casino games.

Remember though, that online Bingo is a dynamic game and with the large number of cards you have bought, you don’t have much time to find and mark the drawn number on the tickets.

Therefore, to be safe and to protect your interests, use the option to automatically mark the numbers on the cards.

Bingo online – the most important rules

The rules of Bingo vary from variant to variant. The biggest differences are between online and land-based bingo.

When comparing the two forms of play, online Bingo has more advantages, as it is free from many of the restrictions that apply in traditional halls.

The most popular winning patterns in online Bingo

Bingo games have different patterns to denote wins. In traditional parlors, the game is often played up to one line, then by two lines and the so-called full house.

However, this is not the rule, as other parlors only respect the full house. Example winning patterns:

Line – all 5 numbers in any of the horizontal lines of the card,
Two lines – all the numbers on the two horizontal lines of the card,
Full House – circling all the numbers on the Bingo playing card.

In Internet Bingo games, each variant and room may have its own rules. Therefore, familiarize yourself with them before you buy playing cards and start drawing.

What variants of online Bingo games do I have?

Online Bingo games offer much more variety than is the case with classic Bingo.

When you play Bingo over the internet, you have the opportunity to take your seat in a room where the following Bingo variants are played:

30-Ball Bingo,
75-Ball Bingo,
80-Ball Bingo,
90-Ball Bingo.
30-Ball Bingo

Are you interested in fast Bingo games online? Then 30-Ball Bingo is the variant for you.

This is the fastest and shortest variant of the Bingo game, where the cards have 3 × 3 columns, and the player needs to tick all nine boxes from the ticket to win.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is by far the most popular variant, in which the game is played on a 5 × 5 grid of numbers, with the middle box being blank.

You win when you mark all the numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally. There are five prizes to be won:

1 line,
2 lines,
3 lines,
4 lines
5 lines.

80-Ball Bingo

The 80-Ball Bingo variant is quickly gaining popularity among online players. Mainly because of several additional possibilities for winning.

Apart from the classic lines, you will also win by making an “X” or covering all four fields in the corners.

90-Ball Bingo

The traditional and still one of the most popular variants of Bingo. In 90-Ball Bingo the cards have 9 columns and 3 rows, where five boxes are filled with numbers and four are left blank. You win when you mark:

1 line,
2 lines,
full house (all numbers on the card; highest prize).

If more than one player hits a full house, the prize pool is split.