Gambling addiction

For many years now, gambling has been an extremely popular form of leisure or income for many people. It is a chance for many people to win quite a lot, but also to lose. The problem can be considerable that gambling is incredibly addictive. Both high wins and losses make you want even more, and this may lead to addiction.

Unfortunately, there are more and more cases of gambling addiction. Scientifically, even pathological gambling has been distinguished. Let us imagine a theoretical situation when we fail to win a few games in a row. We know from past experience that it is possible to win, so we continue trying our luck. Unfortunately the losses come one after another. In this case we not only lose more and more money, we get into debt, but we also lose control over our life. All we think about is getting back at the game, which completely obscures the true picture of the game. This very quickly leads to gambling addiction. At the other extreme we also encounter such problems. If we are lucky and win a lot of money all the time, we cannot stop and this also leads to a quick addiction. Most often the addict, just like in the case of alcoholics or drug addicts, does not realize that he has problems with the game.

gambling addict

The phases of gambling addiction

Scientists have been able to distinguish several phases, symptoms which may indicate that one is a gambling addict.

First of all, it manifests itself in the area of preoccupation with gambling. Even in other situations in your life, all you can think about is gambling, relive your failures, or plan future games. There is an inability to switch off from the game, especially when a state of excitement or euphoria is reached. The addiction is also influenced by the constant increase in the amount of bets, regardless of winning or losing. There is also intolerance of losses, that is the moment when we tell ourselves that now we didn’t succeed, but we have to pay back and win even bigger money.

People with addiction neglect their duties, family matters, marriage matters and often also problems at work. A very dangerous example of addiction is getting into debt. People who are addicted to gambling start borrowing, stealing, cheating on family and friends. They often break the law just to get money for their next gambling game. The most common cases of borrowing from the mafia or from shady characters are caused by gambling. It is also a problem to gamble when frustrated, in order to celebrate previous success.

The worst thing is to lie to your loved ones and hide the fact of your failures from others or yourself.

These are the most important points that lead to addiction and characterize people who have already fallen into it.

But of course gambling addiction is much more than that. First of all the worst is the emotional subordination. The addict thinks only about gambling, which is very bad for family relations, partnerships, and also causes reduced efficiency at work, which in turn can lead to dismissal and worse social problems. The change in mood of an addicted person is very similar to the state of someone who has problems with alcohol or drugs. While under the influence a person is as happy as after winning at the casino. However hunger or defeats taste the same and influence on increase of aggressiveness, sadness, depression. Dosage tolerance occurs, which means an increase in emotions associated with the casino, gambling. We want more and more, which only makes our problems worse. Stopping gambling can cause a lot of emotional problems and in such a case it is necessary to consult a specialist who can treat the detected addiction.

Gambling addiction – the test

If you might be concerned that you too are affected by such a serious social problem, then you should definitely try taking a test. There are many psychological tests online where you answer questions related to gambling. If you can answer half of them correctly, or the number of questions specified by doctors, it could mean that you already have a significant gambling problem.

According to a study conducted just a few years ago, a pretty large percentage, 3-5 percent of people who gamble in casinos become addicted to gambling. However, this study was only conducted with the onset of the online casino market, so this phenomenon may be much stronger today. Easy access to gambling and often underage use leads to more and more people falling into addictions, especially younger people are very susceptible to it. It’s hard to estimate how much this percentage has increased lately, especially since online betting has been added to casinos.

How to play not to become addicted?

How then to protect yourself from becoming addicted without giving up gambling? First of all it is necessary to approach everything with head knowledge. It is good to set limits for yourself in terms of time spent in the online casino as well as the money you are able to spend on the game, regardless of the winnings. Even if you win a lot of money, you should not immediately invest it in further gaming. It is necessary to stick to the path you have chosen before.

You have to be ready for losses as well as victories. Mostly it’s all a matter of chance, but don’t forget that the casinos always have an advantage over the players. If you live with someone, you should tell him/her about your gambling progress so that he/she can control you to a certain extent.

However, the best way is to use the help of the casino itself.

Many online casinos offer their customers a special responsible gambling program. It is based on the fact that each person can set limits for deposits and withdrawals via his account. This is a very good solution, because you can then set yourself such a limit for a week or a month. In the case of any desire to deposit a large amount and play for it, the system will automatically reject such an opportunity. In this way you will not exceed the budget set by yourself. Another solution in a crisis situation is the option to suspend your account. Casinos offer a special option to suspend your account for several months so that you will not be able to perform any operations on it. This helps in the fight against gambling addiction. However, you should remember not to register at other casinos at the same time. This is because then all your efforts will be wasted.

You should learn much more about online casinos, how to prevent addictions and how to detect their first symptoms. This may save you from serious financial, psychological and health problems in advance.