Is it worth to use a VPN while playing in a casino?


If you’re surfing the web, you’ve probably heard of something like a VPN. It’s useful for many different reasons, which we’ll talk about in the following article. However, we are going to focus on the use of VPNs at online casinos, because if you have come here, this is surely what interests you the most. We will also explain how a VPN works and other useful information.

Why is using a VPN useful?

VPN is the short name for Virtual Private Network and you can guess that it simply means a virtual private network which we create ourselves by using appropriate software. The software creates a kind of tunnel that allows you to access some blocked data or websites.

Moreover, VPN allows for full anonymity, safe use of public networks (especially unsecured ones) and protection of your data. This tunnel is a channel through which you connect to the Internet with a changed IP address. What does it mean in practice? When you enter the Internet you always share your data with the network you’re using, namely your computer, which makes it possible to trace you.

Using a VPN means that this data is encrypted, so no one or nothing can access it and use it against you in any way. This is how you protect yourself from being attacked by hackers or simply having your data stolen while using online banking. Thanks to using a VPN you can also watch live football matches or other events.

Features of decent VPN

When making the list of the best VPNs we were guided by several criteria. So it’s important that you also know what features a good VPN should have.

A large number of servers in other countries (so you have a greater choice of countries whose IP address you would like to obtain).
The speed of the servers – it should be very high. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the ability to watch live video. The quality of live streaming will also suffer.
The VPN provider is based outside of your country.
Money back guarantee if you want to cancel the service after 30 days.
Effective encryption of data transmission (256-but).
Convenience and ease of use.
Compatibility of VPNa application with the most popular mobile and stationary devices.
Efficiency in bypassing access blocks (e.g. censorship).
Multiple servers with IP of your country.

Is using VPN legal?

There is no regulation in most of the countries suggesting that using a VPN is illegal. Unfortunately, some countries apply legal sanctions against using this software. These include the Arab Emirates, Russia and China. In many countries, VPN is a common plug-in for every computer in the workplace and also in the homes of individuals. VPN is used to protect against hackers and to gain privacy. We also know from experience that many gamers also use a VPN when playing at online casinos and any other activity on their computer.

Can a VPN be used when playing at a mobile casino?

VPN can be successfully installed and configured on any Android mobile device. Just download the VPN app from Google Play or in the App Store in the case of iPhones. In most cases, you will be given login credentials that you will need to use to start the VPN. What’s more, you can also configure the VPN on your router at home, so the VPN will work for more than one device (usually up to a maximum of 3).


VPN is a very useful program with many features and definitely worth installing on your smartphone or desktop computer. VPN and casino can go hand in hand: the program will not only make your online activity anonymous, but you can get access from desired locations. VPN will allow you to live-stream football matches or other sports and cultural events. It will also protect you from data theft when using online banking or unsecured public networks in cafes and restaurants.